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AMAZONE A typical example of the Amazon enclosure. This particular model is 5m wide and 12m long. The customer decided to set the enclosure quite close to the edge of the pool, but there’s still plenty of headroom to walk inside – over 6 ft. The widest “domestic” AMAZONE is 10m in span, and up to 15m for the “commercial” model.
AMAZONE If this family ever moves home, they can take the pool and the enclosure with them! The panels can be quickly removed, and the framework taken apart. Look closely at the end panel, and you’ll see five zip openings that create the means of access.
AMAZONE The Amazone will benefit most types of pool. This customer has removed the ends, but prefers to keep the pool covered. Takes about 10 minutes.
AMAZONE A bit of snow won’t stop you swimming. The PVC panels and the Amazone frame are extremely strong, and your pool remains protected.
BUFFALO Choose a width to just cover your pool. The panels let in so much light, you won’t feel shut in, and there’s good headroom. This end panel has been rolled up, but you could remove it in the summer.
BUFFALO Here, 3 sections have been folded. It only takes minutes to retract the Buffalo It’s so easy to move.
BUFFALO The white sections are made from a heavy-duty PVC, and reinforce the already strong “glass-clear” sections of the panel. Panels are individually replaceable and each can be removed and refitted in a few minutes.
BUFFALO A good view of the folding system that holds the structure rigid and tensions the panels. If you want an open-air pool, release the anchors and the folding system and gently push. As the Buffalo rolls off your pool, it folds – simple as that.
CHARLESTON This model doesn’t fold, so you need room to park the enclosure on those occasions when you want a completely open-air pool. If you don’t have the room, the Charleston is quick and easy to dismantle for the summer.
CHARLESTON Choose a width to just cover the widest part of your pool. In early or late summer, why not keep the ends off? The sun still heats your pool, but you’re protected from the elements.
CHARLESTON As with the Buffalo, there’s plenty of headroom.
CHARLESTON Sorry, don’t know why, but we just like this picture. Note the turquoise reinforcing sections. Other colours are available.
TECHNICAL Shown here without its PVC panel, each powder-coated aluminium frame section is linked by a folding system, seen here partially folded.
TECHNICAL Each section smoothly concertinas off the pool as it moves on locking wheels. When completely retracted, the average enclosure takes up between 50- 100cm of space.
TECHNICAL A close-up of a non-marking rubber-tyred locking wheel, that incorporates a stainless-steel cable anchor.
TECHNICAL The foot of each main and end panel is finished with a weather seal. Rubber shock cord anchors are fitted to provide additional security for the enclosure, and to hold the weather seal close to the ground.
THE COMPAX This static enclosure is constructed with a 60mm diameter galvanised tubular steel framework, and glazed in highly-tensioned panels of UV-resistant reinforced PVC. The ends have a central entrance door but also lift to form a canopy.
THE COMPAX The interior is light and bright, without any sense of being enclosed. The sides curve steeply, creating excellent headroom.
THE COMPAX Lift an end canopy, and enjoy unrestricted access and superb ventilation. Add furniture and flowers, greenery (and grass, perhaps), and create a leisure area you’ll be proud of.
THE COMPAX Suitable for most domestic and school pools. We have 100s of installations throughout the UK.