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Welcome to Pool Enclosures Unlimited

We’re pleased to welcome you to the home of Pool Enclosures Unlimited. You will find here a range of affordable and appealing pool enclosures, with features usually associated with our often more costly cousins.

This online brochure gives you an excellent overview of the fixed and telescopic pool enclosures we supply, but you will have questions. Just call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer them. Our swimming pool enclosures will reduce heating and chemical costs; minimise cleaning and maintenance time; extend your swimming season, and add an important level of security for your pool.

For many pool owners, however, the overriding appeal will simply be more enjoyment. You’ll get so much more from your pool. When the sun doesn’t shine, enjoy a level of comfort and warmth unlikely to be found in an open-air pool. When temperatures do soar, open up your pool and enjoy fresh air and cooling breezes.