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AMAZONE AND BUFFALO – 2m wide panels of strong, flexible PVC slide into a substantial powder-coated aluminium framework. Each frame is linked to the next by a folding system that allows the complete enclosure to smoothly concertina as it moves, on wheels, off the pool. In reverse, the folding system holds the structure rigid and tensions the glazing panels.
CHARLESTON – uses the same materials, but doesn’t concertina. The complete enclosure is rolled on and off the pool.
ANCHORAGE – quick-release anchors at the base of each frame and end of each panel secure these enclosures to the pool surround.
SELF-ASSEMBLY – these enclosures are supplied part-assembled for completion by the customer, usually in one day. No specialist skills or tools are needed.
COMPAX – a curved, clearspan framework, glazed in 1.5m wide tensioned panels of uv-resistant reinforced PVC. The ends of the Compax lift to form a canopy, allowing unrestricted access and superb ventilation. This is a permanent enclosure.